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We encourage all notices of illegal content to be submitted via this form for streamlined processing. If you complete this form in English, it will speed up our time for review. All of the information requested here will help us review your notice. Please provide complete answers to each of the questions.

Please upload the registration certificate in PDF format below.

Describe the exact reason for your reporting. For reports related to IP, please specify the details of the right that you believe is being infringed upon: for instance, specify name of the trademark, registration number, year of registration, country of registration, country where the IP work is being infringed, etc. NB: the IP right on which you base your reporting must be registered in the country where you are reporting the infringement. Back Market will not take action on IP reportings concerning registered IP rights from countries other than the country for which takedown is requested. For instance, if you have a trademark registered only in UK, and you ask Back Market to remove a listing from in Germany, Back Market will most likely reject your claim.

For more information on the processing of your personal data by our company and how to exercise your rights, we invite you to consult our privacy policy, accessible on Back Market website.

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